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Utilitarian Conferences Gathering offers a wide range of events, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Symposium.  We have a dedicated team who are aimed at acquiring the technologies, adopting the knowledge of business needs and accelerate with best ideas and strategies.
Utilitarian Conferences Gathering is a pioneer in the area of Event Management, Collaboration. We are full service event provider specializing in the field of Medical, Clinical, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Engineering, Pharma, Environmental Science, Engineering, Business, Agricultural and Food event services for Academic and Industrial Sectors. We stand out distinctively from our competitors for our commitment to quality, round the clock service and unmatched price.
We are able to provide you with the best event, Meeting experience under one roof. We at Utilitarian Conferences Gathering make sure that you as a client choose the most appropriate event.

Calendar of Conferences

10th Emirates Healthcare Management, Nursing & Patient Safety Conference_December 15-17, 2021_Logo
Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conferences
Dates: December 15-17, 2021
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Theme: Nursing and Patient Safety: Join hands for Patient Safety in Covid19 Pandemic

Diabetes Utilitarian Conference, November 29-30, 2021

Diabetes Conferences
Dates: November 29-30, 2021
Venue: Zurich, Switzerland
Theme: Deliberate the important research & ongoing practices to reduce Diabetes

12th UCG Edition on Gastroenterology Conferences

Gastroenterology Conferences
Dates: November 24-25, 2021
Venue: Paris, France
Theme: A healthy digestive system is essential for overall health “Helping people inside & out”


Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy Networking Utilitarian Conference, November 24-25, 2021
Pharmaceuticals Conferences

Dates: November 24-25, 2021
Venue: Paris, France
Theme: Discover the World of Pharmaceuticals & Pharma Industry

Cardiology Conference, Utilitarian Conference

Cardiology Conferences

Dates: Coming Soon
Venue: Coming Soon
Theme: Symphony 2021 to orchestrate heart rhythm.

Pediatrics Conference, Utilitarian Conference
Pediatrics Conferences

Dates: January 29-30, 2020
Venue: London, UK
Theme: Save the adorable smiles of today; see what they can achieve tomorrow.

7th Emirates Breast Pathology & Breast Cancer, May 5-6, 2021 Logo

Breast Pathology & Breast Cancer Conferences

Dates: May 5-6, 2021
Venue: Online


Coronavirus Webinar
Dates: December 7-8, 2020
Theme: Information on COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus


Cancer Conferences
Dates: Coming Soon
Theme: Promising Cancer Research and Progress

15th World Nutrition & Food Science Virtual Conferences (NutritionVirtual2021) June 3-4, 2021
Nutrition & Food Science Virtual Conference

Dates: June 3-4, 2021
Theme: Empowering Nutrition through the Lifecycle & nurturing the Food Science

8th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Utilitarian Conference, August 10-11, 2021 logo
Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference

Dates: August 10-11, 2021
Theme: 8EPUCG2021:Where pathologists meet innovation & technology for a better outcome

List of Utilitarian Conferences
Previous Utilitarian Conferences

Nursing and Healthcare Utilitarian Confeernce, May 11-12, 2020, Berlin Trans

Diabetes and Endocrinology Utilitarian Confeernce, May 11-12, 2020, Berlin Trans

Pharmaceuticals Utilitarian Confeernce, May 11-12, 2020, Berlin Trans

Pathology Utilitarian Confeernce, Dec 1-3, 2020, Dubai
Pathology Conferences
Dates: December 1-3, 2020
Venue: Dubai
Theme: EPUCG2020Dubai: Scrutinizing current Pathology research for a better tomorrow.

6th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology, February 9-10, 2021, Virtually
Pathology Conferences
Dates: February 9-10, 2021
Venue: Online
Theme: Empowering the sphere of Pathology profession and Pathologists Community for the improved understanding of disease worldwide.

9th UCG Edition on Nursing and Patient Safety Conferences, April 6-8, 2021_Dubai, UAE

Healthcare Management_April 6-8, 2020_healthcaremanagement.universeconferences.com
Healthcare Management System

Dates: April 6-8, 2021
Theme: Building a Safer Healthcare Management For Better Outcome

Utilitarian Conferences Gathering Presentations

Dr. John Shillingford, United Kingdom | Keynote Speech at #UCGConferences

Dr. Aline Nassar, Australia | Keynote Speech at #UCGConferences

Dr. Yousef Khouli & Dr. Jad Alkhoury, UK | Speech at #UCGConferences

Dr. Farook Mirza, Canada | Keynote Speech at #UCGConferences

Ms. Hend Abdullah Al Jaffar, Saudi Arabia | Keynote Speech at #UCGConferences

Utilitarian Conferences Gathering Testimonials

Dr. Aline Nassar Testimonial for #UCGConferences

Prof Tarek Ali Testimonial for #UCGConferences

Ms. Lina Obeid Testimonial for #UCGConferences

Ms. Hend Abdullah Al Jaffar Testimonial for #UCGConferences

Dr. Mohammed Ghani Testimonial for #UCGConferences

In Collaboration with

NHS – UK, Solve Care – USA, University of New Hampshire – USA, NASH UNC Health Care – USA, Afon Technology – UK, Stochos – Australia, Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Norway, ASCP – USA, Dubai Health Authority – UAE, Ministry of Health and Prevention – UAE, Cleveland Clinic – Abu Dhabi, VP Nursing – USA.

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UCGConferences Awards

Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)
This award is provided to the experts who have made an outstanding contribution to advance the corresponding field. Here are the conference’s most recognized awards and have been tagged as the Scientific Service Achievement award. These are the eligibility criteria to get nominated for the awards. One must have a minimum of 10+ years of experience in the relative field in the public or private sector. The receiver of this award should have a dedicated fascination and should take the initiative in researching the recent trends and developments towards the related subjects. You can nominate your candidature for the award online/email/call.

Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award)
This Award is for the professional or academic activity acquired in the corresponding field of research in the public or private sector for experts with research experience of 8+ years in the field with the most relevant accomplishments. Part-time research experience would be counted pro-rata. It is calculated starting from the date when you have obtained the (first) degree entitling you to embark on a doctorate (either in the country in which the degree was obtained or the country in which the researcher is recruited), even if the doctorate was never started or envisaged. You can nominate your candidature for this award online/email/call.

Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award)

UCGConferences offers Scholar Level Award to the upcoming scientists, researchers, and experts who have 10+ years of research experience in the field. UCGConferences would like to provide a staged platform to expand your network by sharing your research knowledge at the podium. The presentation should include 25-30 minutes of oral talk on the scientific research topics based on the conference theme, along with 5 minutes of the panel discussion. You can nominate your candidature for this award online/email/call.

Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)
UCGConferences provides a unique platform for women scientists to present their latest research achievements with an in-depth analysis. We welcome women scientists and scholars from Academic/ Industries who have 5+ years of research/industry experience to join the forum. We are delighted to encourage women participants through research awards and provide assistance to women scholars in career development and research guidance through our scientific collaborations. Women Scientists can nominate their candidature for this award online/email/call.

Best Speaker in UCGConferences
This award is recognized for individual who will present their research highlights, strategies, and schemes that have been implemented to improve long-term excellence in UCGConferences. You can nominate your candidature for this award online/email/call.

Best Keynote Speaker in UCGConferences
This award recognizes the best Keynote speaker who will present their research highlights, strategies, and schemes that have been implemented to improve long term excellence. If you have received the acceptance of Keynote Presentation from the Organizing Secretariat, you can nominate your candidature for this award online/email/call.

Best Poster Presentation in UCGConference
Poster Presentation is organized at conferences to encourage students and recent graduates and scholars pursuing their research to present their original research. All accepted abstracts received for poster presentation will be presented at the poster session during the conference. UCGConferences aims at building a platform for all budding scientists and researchers to present their real-time work, views, and aspects related to the theme of the conference. If you have received acceptance from the Organizing Secretariat for the Poster Presentation, you can nominate your candidature for the award online/email/call.

Best Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation in UCGConferences
This award is to acknowledge the Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate individuals for their thesis work Presentation who will present their projects and thesis that have been implemented to improve long-term excellence in the field. You can nominate your candidature for this award online. You can also nominate your colleagues who you think might deserve the award online/email/call.

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