UCG Membership Benefits

There are many reasons to join UCGConferences. When you become a member, you become a part of the solid revolutionizing research team by shaping the present and future of Medical, Clinical, etc.
UCGConferences delivers access to essential medical information by organizing Conferences, workshops, symposiums, webinars, and networking with the worldwide group of scientific leaders both nationally and internationally. Members stay up-to-date with their research field and invest in their future.
UCGConferences attract hundreds of professionals to the conference and events from around the world. Connect with experienced professionals to gain insights and learning into our field. Engage in high-level sessions and discussions to learn about the upcoming research.
UCGConferences provides a broad-based home for members, organizations, and societies who are interested in aspects of the Medical, Clinical together with the associations, companies, universities researchers, labs, etc.

Our members are vital to us.

Benefits of Joining the UCGConferences:

  1. Great Content
  2. Excellent Quality
  3. Timely Topics
  4. Access to All Recordings after the Conference
  5. To stay informed on what we’re doing
  6. To get involved in our work
  7. Professional development – Gaining knowledge from experts.
  8. Peer network – Sharing ideas among members.
  9. Can be a Keynote Speaker of the conference organized by UCG.
  10. Can be a Session Chair or Chairperson of the Conference organized by UCG.
  11. Can be an Organizing Committee member of the conference organized by UCG.
  12. Can be an Editorial board member, Reviewer, Advisory Committee Member of UCJournals to maintain the quality control of research articles since UCJournals receives very high numbers of articles.
  13. Savings of up to 10% on registration fees for the Conferences & events organized by UCG.
  14. Can publish your research and investigation results in journals or present them at the various meetings of UCGConferences.
  15. Can receive a discount for Publishing and Subscribing to UCJournals.
  16. Can receive a discount on the registration fee for the conference organized by UCG.