Dr. Michael Retsky

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Dr. Michael Retsky (PhD in Physics from University of Chicago) made a profession change to malignant growth research 35 years prior. He is Research Associate at Harvard TH

Chan School of Public Health and Honorary Reader at University College London. He was on Judah Folkman’s staff at Harvard Medical School for a very long time. He was

Prof of Biology at University of Colorado and Visiting Prof of Medical Oncology at University of Texas. Retsky is Editor of a Springer-Nature book on the bosom disease

project distributed July 2017. After conclusion of stage IIIc colon disease in 1994, he was the primary individual to utilize what is presently called metronomic adjuvant chemotherapy.

He is an organizer and for a very long time was on the Board of Directors of the Colon Cancer Alliance. He has distributed in excess of 70 papers in material science and disease.

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August 1, 2020