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Dr. Leifer has been fruitful in preparing more than 2,500 podiatrists in the previous 29 years at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. His focus is in Bacteriology, an interest created in microorganisms courses he took in school and graduate school. Dr. Leifer, the child of two educators, spent a lot of his youth wiped out at home in East New York, Brooklyn. He utilized this time as a chance to peruse the science books that his dad would get back to him. He put his affection for science and his parent’s calling together in choosing his own profession in instructing and exploration. He went to secondary school in Far Rockaway and school at Yeshiva University. He in the long run got his graduate degree from Harvard University and his Ph. D. from NYU. The vast majority of his grown-up everyday routine was spent experiencing in Manhattan, and he as of late moved to Staten Island. He is a dad of 6 and a granddad to 24.

Dr. Leifer’s exploration incorporates the work he accomplished for his graduate degree at Harvard University, Ph.D. from NYU, trailed by four years of postdoctoral examination at NYU, Columbia and Queens College. He additionally went through six years on the workforce at New York Medical College doing investigate in natural mutagenesis. He has been at NYCPM throughout the previous 29 years. At NYCPM, he has utilized an award from the March of Dimes to build up a measure utilizing microbes to test for the impacts of natural synthetic substances on hereditary administrative instruments. He is right now growing new bacterial measure frameworks and is looking for subsidizing to stretch out the in vivo test to a sans cell DNA-protein restricting test, utilizing gel shift and interferometry methods.

Dr. Leifer attributes a lot of his long lasting accomplishment to Dr. Luigi Gorini, a teacher at the doctoral level college of Harvard. Dr. Gorini mentioned observable facts of Streptomycin-subordinate arginine freaks of E. coli. The work done by Dr. Gorini has upgraded our present comprehension of the job of Streptomycin in causing misreading of the hereditary code. Being around somebody who was so propelled by their exploration established the energy in Dr. Leifer’s deep rooted interest in precisely how microorganisms work.

Dr. Leifer depicts his most noteworthy achievements to be in Microbiology and online schooling. Prior to working at NYCPM, he worked with Dr. Herbert Rosenkranz at NY Medical College in Valhalla, NY. Dr. Rosenkranz’s exploration is in natural hereditary toxicology and the investigation of the impact of ecological synthetics on DNA. As the senior creator of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Gene-Tox Report. Dr. Leifer gathered information from countless test frameworks utilizing Repair-Deficient Bacteria. His article “An Evaluation of Tests Using DNA Repair-Deficient Bacteria for Predicting Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity” was distributed in the diary Mutation Research.

Presentation Title: Regulogenesis: The Search for a New Class of Pathogenic Chemicals – A Hypothesis, A Website and an Assay

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