Rome, the largest and capital city of Italy and Lazio region. Italian Roma is a historic city. It is the most populated city in the European Union. As voted by the visitors, Rome is one of the most beautiful city in the world. Every year millions of tourists from all around the world visit this amazing destination to admire treasures & unique masterpieces of Roman art & architecture. Rome is a romantic blend of different culture & abundant history spiced up with a nightlife and vibrant streets. Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the most famous fountains worldwide.

Who doesn’t love to travel and explore new countries? Traveling is one of the best kinds of delight that life can give us. Rome is full of amazing sight-seeing view with numerous alternatives. Rome is one of the oldest and popular city in Europe. Rome is famous for Architecture, History, Art, People, Fashion shopping, Religion, Other sightseeing, Food, Wine, Culture. Rome a city of Italy is built on layers. You can experience the breadth of its history at every turn. Other cities may have numerous ancient and cultural heritage but history is integrated into Rome.

In Rome:

You’ll Never Go Hungry, World-Class Shopping, Unbeatable History at Every Corner, Jesus – That’s a lot of Churches, It’s Wonderfully Walkable, Piazzas are Perfect for People Watching, There’s Even More to Explore Underground, The Little Details are the Most Delightful, Two Words: Cat Sanctuary
Getting out is easy

Interesting Facts About Rome:

Rome has 900 churches and 280 fountains.
Around 700,000 euros are tossed into Trevi Fountain of Rome every year. These amounts are donated to Caritas to help people who are in need.
This city has a museum entirely dedicated to Pasta.
La Sapienza is Rome’s first university established in 1303 AD, and is the second-largest in the world and largest in the world.
A first shopping mall was built in Rome between 107 and 110 AD by Emperor Trajan which sells a wide variety of goods and different grocery items.
Cats are free to roam in the city of Rome
In 1870, Florence was the capital city of Italy but Rome has stolen this title.
In Ancient Rome, women used goat fat and beech wood ashes to dye their hair blonde and red.

“To see the past, visit Rome. To see the future, travel to Berlin.”

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